Friday, February 22, 2013


OK, the den painting is never going to get done, despite me actually PAINTING the thrice damned room. That's how it seems, at any rate. Anyway, today's progress:

This corner and these doors DONE, except for blue painter's tape removal and reinstall of doorknobs & switch plates and whatnot. I'm down to painting the last wall and one door, which means I'll have to shift everything in the room to the opposite wall first. Once that's done I can actually put the room together and have another useable room.

Meanwhile, after threatening it for months and writing a manifesto on Twitter, JUNIPER DEATH.

Before, look at these nasty assholes:

After a thorough chainsawing:

Granted, these two were mostly-dead or all-dead, but I still count it as a victory against crappy, poorly-thought-out-40-years-ago landscaping. The one on the left barfed up a horse sweat scraper and a bunch of wire. I'm gonna save all the crap these things yield up like some Homeowner's Personal Mouth of Hell and get a picture of it all at once. Also I now have to haul off a gazillion pounds of branches.

The chickens can see the house now and get excited when I'm at the kitchen window waving to them.

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