Friday, June 30, 2017

Bowie In The Bathtub!

...and I *don't* mean the singer. 

This Bowie is a naughty little bantam Cochin hen who insists on scratching around improperly in any mud she can find, until it coats the tips of her toes & claws and forms these weird little hard balls the size of peewee marbles.  Then she walks around with little rocks on the end of her toes angling to land at the vets' with some funky new dumb chicken thing I have to stand there and explain to my poor bewildered vet.

Ha ha, NO.  The kid hauled her into the house, where Bowie walked around the dining room floor, her toes clicking like castanets when I ran some warm water into the bathtub.

Time to soak a chicken.

We just put her in a few inches and closed the tub enclosure door and waited for the warm water to work it's magic to the tune of indignant cackling.  We stood outside the tub with arms crossed, yelling back at her that maybe now she'd learn not to make mud castanets on her toes.  Took about 20 minutes.  Mind you, this is the second time Bowie has done this.

After that, I got to scrub out the tub.  As you can see, Bowie was kind enough to jump up on the tub edge several times to really spread the filth.

Criminy, the dumbest things happen around here...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Origami Models!

I was inspired by the Stewart Indian Pow Wow we attended lately to make some new models.  I also got out my white paint to add little pointillist accents, just for fun. First, feathers!

There were actually more of these using various kinds of paper, but I neglected to get picks of them.  This model needs more practice as the little fussy folds are tough for my crappy hands, but I'll work on it. I'm also going to try other feather models.

Next, some dreamcatcher-ish modular models I came up with. I fiddled with this one when creating it, the fun part of modular unit models like this is that if you change the individual unit a bit, you get a different look.  In addition to the white paint I also hauled out some of my little doily hole punches. 

So here is the double layer 'Flower' version...

...and the single layer 'Starfish' version, both front & back sides.

 These will all be finished with ornamentation to become hanging models.

Then there's this slightly bigger one, with the cut-outs on a different edge.
 Still having fun mixing & matching different models to come up with new things...I've got an idea flitting around in my head for a peacock using a few units of these models along with another model!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Here, Chick, Chick, Chick...

Seems that the leftover Spring chicks at our local Tractor Supply have all grown up...

It's probably more likely that the Giant Metal Terror Chickens are hot enough to fry eggs upon and have been penned to avoid blistered finger lawsuits, tho.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stewart Indian School Pow Wow!

Every year our local Indian community holds an awesome pow wow at the historical site of the old Stewart Indian School.  The school operated from 1890 to 1980 and is now on the Historic Register.  The school is closed, but the site remains and it's a gorgeous complex with tons of huge trees, many beautiful stone buildings and a terrific self-guided walking tour you can take.

When I attended high school maaaany years ago nearby, we would play Stewart.  And let me tell you, while we could take them at volleyball, at softball they would whoop our asses hard.  Those girls could throw straight and true like nobody's business, and every.single.hit. they connected with was a home run.  EVERY ONE.  Our school baseball field was bordered by a steep incline lined in about 20 feet of rough-hewn granite rocks the size of your head, so every damned time you had to chase that ball into the stupid rocks, climb in and hunt for the damned thing while keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes.  Meanwhile the Stewart players would leisurely round the bases...another home run.  We learned to just take it for granted we'd be on the losing end of every softball game.

But back to the pow-wow!
It's fun to look at the pow wow website and see the family names of good friends I went to school with--the Toms, Rambeaus and Sams.  Good times...Unfortunately today it was about 112 degrees, so even with the shade from the big trees we were gasping for air and couldn't stay as long as we'd have liked to.  I plan on going back to take proper pictures of Stewart because it really is lovely. 

Luckily there was a wonderful snowcone booth there where you could get a snowcone that could feed a family of four.  Not to mention the fabulous, famous Navajo tacos with fresh fry bread made right there on the spot...we sat under a tree and gobbled it all up and grinned at each other in utter joy.

After that we walked around the various booths that had handmade items for sale and did some shopping.  I really liked the way this lady had her bracelets arranged.

And let me say at the outset that I don't care if the items for sale are *actually* made by a tribe member, or were made elsewhere and the tribal member is just selling them. As long as I'm supporting a tribe member it doesn't matter.  Just so they get the money.

The dancing took place in the center.  They had a mixture of recorded music, live singers and a drum circle that kicked ass.  We arrived in the middle of this dance so I don't know which one it was, other than it was mixed men, women and children.

The regalia was gorgeous.  When the kid was little and we took her to a powwow in southern California, she was entranced by the jingle dresses (the dresses with the dangling rolled tin cones that dance and jingle as you move) and the dancing, and was hot to learn.  Unfortunately we never did find someone to learn from, but that is something that may still happen as here the Indian community is much closer and more accessible.

I absolutely love this picture, for several reasons.  The dad dancing with his baby in the center, the little girl on the left with the 'Strong is the new pretty' shirt and the girl shawl dancing in from the right with such energy.

Just jaw-dropping regalia everywhere, from very ceremonial to fancy.

We had a great time, but after this we were just too wilted from the heat to stay longer and had to cut it short.  Next time!

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Chicks Are Two Months Old!

It's time to kick them out into the yard, so here are the final pictures of the chicks!

 In order of hatch, Popcorn is first!
She decided to pose looking like she was modeling 'Action Slacks' from the 1972 Montgomery Wards catalog for some reason.

Then just zoned out.

But hey, she's got cute face fluffies!

Next is TaterTot, who, if you remember, hatched out as a black chick.

She's the most dramatic color-change chick we've ever hatched.

More cute face fluffies...

A close-up of Tater's tail, she's got gorgeous colors.

Next is Banjo, the only rooster hatched this year!  As far as we know that is...

Majestic rooboy. He's started *very* quietly crowing along with the roos in the early morning.

Here he is being the Leaning Tower of Chicken.

Strychnine, who is growing into a very sweet Giant Cochin mix girl, she LOVES to be held & petted.

She has lovely breast & cape feathering.

...and of course a cute lil' chicken face.

Last of our hatched chicks is Groot!

...and her GIANT yellow legs and feet.

Groot's Dark India Cornish feathers are coming in, lovely coppery-brown/bronze colors with an iridescent sheen.

Next are the chicks we purchased at our local feed store! The first two are about a week older than our hatched chicks.
Olivia the Australorp, who thought it'd be funny to cock her head to the side in *every* picture I took...

Dottie, the Silver Laced Wyandotte.  She is growing into a beautiful girl.

The last two are the same age as our hatched babies.
Star, the Red Star.  Her little stars are just starting to come in.  For some reason she was entranced with the ceiling.  Possibly she hoped it contained a cheeseburger.

Sadly, no cheeseburger from the ceiling.  This time.

However, if you've got a minute she'd love to sell you some wonderful aluminum siding.

Last is Bodie the Golden Sex Link!

Bodie is another chick with enormous feet.

And she is *not* amused at being teased about them, thank you.

So there is the Terrible 9, who after several days of spending their days in the small run to get everyone used to each other, have integrated smoothly into the flock!  Unfortunately for them just in time for 100+ degree weather, but hey...ya can't have everything.