Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Chickmas!

You know, it's very telling that when you walk by a holiday display in the store your first reaction is to laugh and say, "PERFECT.  The chickens can wear it!"

But by this time the chickens have lived with us long enough for all of them to start to look nervous and grumble under their breath when they see me coming with the camera and some demeaning object for them to model.  Especially my long-suffering rooboys.

Because, you know, roosters being so impressive and grand all the time just look funnier in silly hats.  Cam put his foot down and outright refused, so he caught a break this time

 Marshmallow is the first to fall under the spell of the dapper lil' pimpin' hat.

Then it was Milton's turn.

OK, so Milton actually dug the hat.

Burger...ah...not so much.
"If you value your life, get this thing off my head NOW."

But to be fair that is a Brahma's facial expression 24/7, so you really don't know *what* irritates them.  Although I think the little red hat is in the running.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fun With Other People's Signs, Southern California Edition

On a recent trip to southern California, I noticed that someone had made a fun little addition to a massage joint's sign...

And no, it wasn't me.