Friday, July 19, 2013


This was suddenly flying around my kitchen at 11PM last night:

A gorgeous Hummingbird Moth!
And yes, he really was the size of a hummingbird. I spent an hour looking for him, wondering the whole time if I'd really seen him or what...finally found him perched on the broom and blending. Sneaky bugger was trying to gaslight me.

After his photo session, I captured him carefully in a cup and released him outside to go thump around someone else's house.

Monday, July 15, 2013


So I was cutting up an old ruined 1950's science book for origami paper the other night...

Someone has clearly never seen a King crab before, or a Horseshoe crab either for that matter. For while the illustration is correct, the text is not.

Besides, everyone knows that King crabs are really yummy, yummy sea spiders.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh, Dear...

'Tis the fire season, and this was the view tonight from my back yard.

This fire started the other day from lightning strikes--there were actually two, one is out or almost so, but today it got windy and this one is getting more troublesome.

The view from the end of our street, lots of people were standing in their yards taking pictures:

The flames are just cresting the hill and moving towards us, the bright orange spot in the middle. It's about 7 miles away from us, luckily the wind is blowing the smoke away from us otherwise it'd be all kinds of nasty. On the far right is smoke from a secondary fire just getting going tonight, sparked by this bad boy.

This is one night I would be OK with the breeze dying away.