Friday, October 26, 2007

More Kidisms...

My daughter brought home a little rubber bat toy from school today, a gift from her teacher. We had stopped at Target to do some shopping on the way home, and entered the house laden with a gift for one of the two birthday parties she is attending tomorrow and enough Halloween candy to choke a ghost (see what I did there?).

We offload the trick-or-treat supplies in the kitchen and N. dashes off to the bathroom. After she comes out and is chattering away at her daddy, it's my turn in there. Suddenly I hear a voice outside the door.

Anxiously: "Mom, did I leave my bat in there?"

I look around and don't see it right away. "Uhhhh... let me check." I finally find it, lying flat on the counter, oddly enough it's hidden under one of the hairbrushes. I exit and give it to her. "Why was he under a hairbrush...?

She grabs the bat and runs off to show it to her father. "So he wouldn't peek at me while I went potty!"

Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Old Iron

Sunday the 14th was the day of the Pomona Antique Auto Swap Meet, held numerous times each year. It is held at the Fairplex in Pomona, right next to the racetrack, and spans something on the order of 13 acres. It includes a vintage car show/sell area on one side, and people selling old car parts swap meet-style on the other. It is MASSIVE, to say the least.

I only scored three things for my '69 Plymouth this time: a set of curb feelers, a set of black armrests (Ruby will have a black interior when she is redone) and a 'Plymouth Fury' keyfob. I shall persevere in the hunt for replacement parts though, and I have if not high hopes, than at least reasonable ones. You see, as true muscle cars such as Road Runners & Barracudas (called A and B body cars) become more and more desirable, they will be subsequently priced right out of range for the average person. Also, as the A and B body cars become more popular, more businesses realize that there is LOTS of money to be had in making restoration parts--weatherstripping, carpet, door handles, etc.

That's were the lowly C bodies come in. People like me are turning to them, because that's what we can afford.

See, right now, many of the true muscle car enthusiasts sneer at C bodies. When you call these businesses to see about parts, you are told coldly, "That's a C body. We don't make parts for THOSE."

They will, as soon as they realize that hey--there's money to be made here!!! I can already see the tide turning, as more and more people are commenting to me (with some surprise in their voice), "You know, those C bodies are pretty nice cars, and they're getting more popular!"

The worm will turn, friends...

Meanwhile, I got many, many pictures of some VERY beautiful cars at the swap meet. Here's my favorite, a lovely blue Nomad:


Isn't it pretty? Beautiful blue, and the chrome shines, as a matter of fact the entire car shines--wait. What's that?

Ah--! I see, the owner has left a security guard!

"You touch my Nomad, I KEEEEELL YOU!!!"