Monday, March 11, 2013

Scratch one Bird-Eating Plant!

That big asshole juniper in the corner turned out to in fact be TWO plants, although one had horror-movie-worthy multiple trunks.

They are GONE.

Of course, there is a massive brush pile next to where they were, which makes my body hurt just to think about dragging away. I'm so bleary-eyed & bone-tired now, that I can barely remember my own name but the race is on to get the back yard sorted out before the local skunks come out of hibernation--and it's getting into the mid 60's-70's this week, so we HAVE to get this done, they love the damned junipers.

Here's a bit of the junk pulled from the quail-eating bastard juniper, most of it baling wire--buckets included, by the way:

Seriously, who throws shit like this in their own back yard for years?!

Onward to the final juniper plant, this tangled mess is right outside my back door. Charming.

It is SO very matted and full of trash that it's a trash lasagne at this point, you have to dig at the center to find branches to cut. I pulled a 4 foot section of 1x6 out of it today like some kind of low-rent magic trick. But it's the last actual juniper plant, the rest along the back of the house are cypress plants and MAY be suffered to live for now as cover for the chickens if we can get them decently cleaned out and given a military trim. I hate to leave the back yard bare since we have so many hawks, the chickens need some kind of cover until our trees and other bushes we planted grow.

Meanwhile, today we found the perfect representation of the previous tenants: From the 80's, a Bud Light can, a Pepsi can and a Yoo Hoo bottle. Plus assorted old tennis balls, a metric ton of generic trash & plastic...and one gardening glove.

If I find the owner of it I'm just gonna mulch him in, if the junipers haven't completely digested him.

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