Saturday, April 30, 2011

Set The Wayback Machine For 1966!

I walked by these in the store today...

and at first it didn't faze me at all.

When it did I doubled back and picked up a bag, intending to tuck them into the cupboard and just wait for J. to find them. Instead when we got home he was in the kitchen, so I told him I had gotten him a snack and tossed him the bag. He looked at the front...waited a few seconds, then said 'Thanks.' and started to tear the bag open. I stopped him and asked him if HE noticed anything unusual about the bag. THEN he really looked at it and realized it was different.

Horrid Tasty Thing, Take 2: Just took a HUGE blue-bellied lizard away from Boots, who was determined to swallow the damned thing whole. Never a dull moment...

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