Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Incubators Are A 'Go'!

Plugged them in this afternoon to get 'em warmed up and ready for eggs this weekend. They are obediently purring right along, maintaining perfect temperature as always!

Of course, this means they have taken over my kitchen island for the next three weeks, but what the hey. My egg suppliers report that they all shipped their eggs yesterday, so hopefully they should arrive by Saturday. They'll need a day or so to sit and settle out, then they can be placed in the incubators!

Which have adequate warning labels in place.

You really can get anything on ebay! I plan on placing more of these stickers on the coop nest boxes, because as anyone who has ever had to trepidatiously sneak a frightened hand under a broody hen can tell you, this sentiment is no joke.

My faithful Viva La Peep coffee cup, featuring a proud and haughty Yoya from last year's hatch in a iconic pose, is ready!

Created by a fellow Goon, Pokute, on the SA forums. I got my husband and daughter Viva La Peep Tshirts as well. Oh, you want one too, do you? Fine, go here:


Finally, the basket of eggs from OUR hens, of which some will be added to the incubators. One we are sure came from Rugger (our Salmon Faverolle hen) is labeled on top.

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