Friday, July 2, 2010

1971 In Progress...

Well, the 1971 calender is nearing completion.

It's funny, in the instructions they tell you that while they give you extra seed beads since they allow that some beads are too narrow to fit over the needle, they only give you just enough sequins to complete the kit. No lie, I ended up with only 4 extra gold sequins once they were all used. Apparently in 1971 there was a sequin shortage along with gasoline.

Anyway, here it is in progress.

Taking pictures of the thing is difficult, here is another with different lighting--the felt is nice and white with no yellowing at all. Neither really shows the true look of it, it glimmers a WHOLE lot more than this.

At any rate, it's fun and cute, and I've finally gotten the hang of sewing on sequins so the thing progresses at an acceptable rate, and the amount of finger stabbing hasn't been bad.

My favorite is the Kinglet, he's got such a cute face!

I figure I'll have it entirely done in about a week, give or take.

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