Sunday, April 9, 2006

How Big IS This Little Guy's Nest, Anyway?!

Well, after taking Saturday off (I imagine it's some kind of Sparrow Union rule), our little guy had polished off another few inches of window screen today. We're up to 6 inches gone on the right side and 5 on the left, with the hole in the middle right slowly spreading to meet them:

Could be that he's told all of his little sparrow friends and they have all been having a whack at my window screen for laughs.

1 comment:

  1. From my brother:
    Alfred Hitchock Was Making A DOCUMENTARY!
    Once the whole screen is gone, he'll start on the glass, then won't YOU be sorry you don't have a shotgun tucked under your arm!

    Sure, sparrows are cute until they're flying right at your face with their little feet extended!