Thursday, August 4, 2005

Cool Bug Site And No More DIRT!

Just for fun, we found this cool bug identification site; loads of pics and stories, but NOT for those that don't like up-close pics of creepy crawlies. We were admiring the Toe Biters and sat around being glad we did not live in Florida:


The way has been cleared for the new sod for the back yard, yee-ha! The soil amendment is being delivered today, with the rototiller and sod scheduled for Saturday. N. will be whisked away to the grandparents for the weekend so we won't have to worry about her becoming entralled with the rototiller--like all young kids, she loves heavy machinery and points out her favorite, backhoes, everywhere we go. J. is NOT looking forward to wrestling the rototiller all weekend, but at the end of it we should have a new back lawn! I'm so freakin' thrilled I can't stand it--it's like Christmas. The local cats have discovered the plain dirt back yard and are using it as a giant catbox, so N. hasn't been allowed to play out there for a couple of weeks now. Not to mention the constant dust-bowl-like status of our yard and home--that stuff gets everywhere and I'm sick of it. I've been clearing away the stuff in the yard to make room for the bags of amendment and sod, so my knees and ankle are giving my royal Hell. Oh well, tough luck for them!

After the sod gets laid will come Adventures With Carpet Cleaning, which will be the next fun thing. I'll post pics of the yard renovation, the chickens are going to be SO thrilled to have grass underfoot again to eat!


  1. From my brother:
    Cool bug site!

    And I thought that you already owned an entire herd of roto-tillers?

    1. Sadly, no---and I can hear Dad spinning in his grave all the way from here--I DON'T own a rototiller! And my little dinosaurs can't do EVERYTHING. I DO want one, it has replaced 'rake' as the hot item on my Christmas list. For those that don't know, when my brother and I were kids, every year our Dad--whose sense of humor was a bit off center--would give us and one of my other sisters a rake for Christmas. Three nice, new rakes standing next to the tree, wrapped up with a ribbon. We've got the Christmas morning pics to prove it. I want one of those little Mantis tiller things, which will be perfect for the garden beds. The major undertaking of the back yard requires one of those huge fearsome four blade monsters that can chew up small buildings.

      Anyway, the soil amendment has been delivered and the bags are in place around the yard. I'm about to go cut them open and after that the chickens can earn their keep by spreading it around for us.

      Huzzah, sod tomorrow! I feel like a dork, the last time I got excited about something dumb like this was when I got my first real, new vacumm cleaner. I actually called my brother to gush about how great it was.

      He laughed at me.

      I got my revenge years later when HE got a new vacumm cleaner and called ME to talk about how cool it was. Ah, the circle of life...

    2. From my sister:
      I want a new vacuum cleaner...