Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Molt Update!

Just to prove that the chickens are safe and warm, and really DID grow new feathers, here they are.


Pie, still working on her tail but lookin' cute and sporting her fluffy butt supreme...


Pumpkin in her favorite, 'It's snowing and I ain't goin' out there' perch

Of course, some of the chickens thought it best to just get extra fluffy and skip the whole 'molt' thing. Cam and Burger demonstrate.

And Yoya the Fluff Queen also lookin' cute.

But...but what about Pele, I hear you ask...?

I was afraid you'd ask.
OK, here she is.

She's trying, I swear she is.  Pele just seems really content to remain in The Polar Bear Club For Chickens, but she'll get there...

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