Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Death To Junipers #346 Or, Last Chance To Torture Junipers!

Today was Juniper Stump Removal Day, which may replace Halloween as my favorite holiday.

Now, we've already dug out a few of these mothers on our own, so we were pretty much over doing that.  We knew it was time to bring in the big guns.  So we hired some poor unsuspecting schmucks--I mean, landscaping specialists--and they came out with a big dually truck, a lot of chain and a trailer to haul away the juniper corpses.

The brush pile was monsterously huge and took six loads with a trailer and pickup to remove just by itself.  Here it is back in March of 2013:
By April of 2014 the quail that had nested and raised chicks in it had vacated, and the pile had broken down enough to remove.

So the guys came out today and started hauling off the brush, then they attacked the stumps.  They also removed the two rotted wood posts.

At the landscaper's request, I dug a moat around each stump and soaked them with water to make removal easier (which worked like a charm).  While doing so I found two undiscovered Easter eggs, still intact.  I think I actually screamed when I found them...



They made the most delightful tearing, popping sound as they came out.

Truckload o' juniper stumps.  This is only three plants.


The stump that was between the back porch and the sprinkler controls was dicey, but careful yanking got it out.

RIIIIPPPP...and the sprinklers were unharmed as far as I know, too!

That dually spun it's tires and threw rooster tails of dirt.  Thank God I didn't have to worry about harming a lawn.

After three days of these poor guys working in 100 degree heat, I'm happy to say that all of the junipers are GONE.  They also trimmed back a couple of the neighbor's trees that were dangerously overhanging the driveway, so we feel a lot better about the property being safer and more under control now. 

The chain link fencing for the perimeter of the property and sectioning off my future raised bed vegetable garden is due to be installed at the end of July-beginning of August, so next we will drag the back part of the property and get that ready.

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