Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

The chicks (reluctantly) got into the spirit of the day and channeled their inner ballerina.

Really?  This is what you people do for entertainment?  HUMANS SUCK.
BadMr.Frosty was *not* amused.

Naughty chick upskirt pics!

NotASandwich never did turn around and face the camera.

We also raised the camera a bit to eliminate the incessant pecking it was suffering.  The chicks pouted.

I think the real problem was that it was in their TV watching spot.

Meanwhile, Hatch D was started in the incubator today, due to hatch April 22nd!

That's Hatch D on the top shelf, Hatch B & C on the lower shelf.
Hatch D consists of 3 itty bitty bantam Cochin eggs, kindly given to us by Douglas High School, 4 Bear eggs and 4 Americaunas eggs.  Hatch B is due to hatch this Saturday!

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