Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hatch B Is On It's Way!

Well, the 13 eggs of Hatch A are a week old, so this morning I started another 18 eggs for Hatch B!

Hatch B includes 2 Bantam Cochin (black parent birds, some chicks may be Frizzles) eggs obtained from a local breeder, 4 more dark green Bear eggs, 3 blue Americaunas, 3 light brown Brahma eggs (I think) and two other darker brown eggs from unknown moms.

The top shelf holds Hatch B, the bottom shelf Hatch A.  The next step will be to candle Hatch A on March 17th at the last turn for the night, around 11PM--it needs to be dark so I can see if anyone is in there--and any duds will be removed at that time.

Hatching dates should be March 29th for Hatch A, April 5th for Hatch B.  Once Hatch A has hatched and is in the brooder box, when Hatch B starts poppin' I'll section off a small part of the brooder box for them for a few days, after that I can remove the partition and all the little fluffballs can run together.  This should work to avoid the fresh chicks getting trampled.

Still no broodies yet, but that may change before Chickam begins!

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