Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pancakes Over Reno?!

So last night while making dinner, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this lenticular cloud formation in the distance, hovering over Reno:

A few minutes later the colors had deepened a bit:

...further cementing my theory that Reno is a gaping Hellmouth. The locals call this cloud formation that regularly forms over Reno when we're in for a storm the 'Reno Wave'.

Also, fired up the ReptiPro incubator today in preperation for setting another clutch of eggs tomorrow morning. If all goes well and there are embryos when I candle them on May 17th, hatch date SHOULD be June 7th. So far I've gathered almost 2 dozen from our large breed chickens (no bantams this time around), hopefully we'll get some big chicks from our flock this time!

Right now we've got 2 broody hens setting--Sonic, our golden laced Giant Cochin and Pompadour, one of our gray Giant Cochins. Both are mature enough to be moms. The little d'Uccles have dropped their broodyness and are slowly getting un-grumped.

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