Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Love My Nest!

So yesterday we went from this:

To this:

Because of THIS:

The two wires on the right had shorted, melted the wire nut (that's the melty blob on the left) and when my husband opened the laundry closet where this thing squatted, he heard the unmistakable sound of wires shorting. NOT a sound you want to hear in your home, like; ever. Not to mention that the thing was hideously corroded inside.

For comic relief, the home warranty we'd bought when we moved in a year ago had expired less than three weeks ago, huzzah.

Not anxious to die in a fire we replaced the water heater yesterday...
Late last night it began dripping.

That's when we discovered that homes now have check valves in the plumbing and the water heater desired a lil' buddy--a pressure tank to keep things from getting really, really ugly. So off to the hardware store again.

By the way, for nearly $500 you'd think they could at least get the company logo sticker on straight.

Meanwhile, painting goes on.  And yes, there is a spot behind the water heater that needs paint, as does the rest of the laundry closet.  Because why stop at painting rooms when you can have to do closets, too?

For weeks like this, I try and remember to sing this little song:

Though some days I feel less like Mr. Bird and more like Mrs. Bird as she is depicted here.

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