Saturday, February 9, 2013

Den Painting, Still...

So yesterday the dark green wall was finished, windows washed and repaired--they had molted their little nylon rollers--and the blinds rehung.

Next is the rest of the room. Now--we've tried and tried to like it, have applied several coats in test spots...but no, this is just TOO minty, so this light green is out.

I did however get to growl afresh at the previous tenant's painting skills. The gaping hole on the left was where they stuck double sided tape--that thick kind--to the wall and then painted over it. Twice. When my sander hit it, it instantly remelted and spread, making it necessary to attack the wall with a scraper.

Multiple other sander marks are where they just plain glopped on spackle or dripped paint in huge, runny, ohsothick streaks.

On this wall they switched things up a bit--see the double doors?

They painted them, then closed the doors while the paint was still wet. TWICE, for the love of God--I found two different colors of stuck paint!

Who doesn't learn from the first time they have to pry the doors open with a resounding, tearing 'snap'?!

I still have to change the doorknobs, as these are original 1972 Butt Ugly. After this I'll be down to the final wall, huzzah! It'll sure be nice to get past all this and have an office to work out of.

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  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    The green wall looks quite nice with the white trim of the windows to set it off. That wouldn't have been my choice of wall to paint green, but it's done now, so you need to pick a second wall color. You are correct in that the pale green doesn't look right at all.

    I think a good color for the other walls would be a pale golden-yellow. Since you picked a green that's keyed into yellow (as opposed to a blue), you need a gold-toned color to go with it. I'd make the golden yellow VERY pale though.