Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun With Snow!

We had ourselves quite the little snowstorm the other night, it gave us a few inches for the kid to play in, and was the type that stuck to everything.

Including the chicken coop & run, the poultry awoke to find themselves suddenly unable to see outside the run and were freaked out.

But Gloria the Brinkotter hen lost no time is snarfing down beakfuls of the stuff...

J. was clearing snow off the roof of the small run and learned why you do this from the side, rather than standing directly under it.

And the kid made a snowman for the back porch.

Love his 'Meh, I'm a snowman. Gotta pinecone on muh haid.' face.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas, Yay!

Finally got the tree done last night, after three days of decorating.


Yep, that's 13 boxes of ornaments. JUST ornaments, mind you, it doesn't include any lights or indoor/outdoor decorations. There are also 5 boxes of glass bead garland, not pictured here.


The tree has a bit of a bend to the trunk, but oh, well.

Crummy pic, but shows the lights, kinda.

On the mantle I've got several single strands of funky vintage specialty lights. They've got ohsoshiny reflectors & foil and stuff.