Monday, August 6, 2012

A Most Wonderful Bug!

The babies got their first live grasshopper today. I found it while watering and after smacking it with a shovel two or three times (damned things are TOUGH) to stun it, I tossed it in with them. They all came running over...

...and stood on it. So I shooed them away a bit and flicked it around with a stick. They pecked excitedly...

...at the stick.

By now I'm scolding them and the big chickens in the run next to them are yowling loudly and going INSANE because they know EXACTLY what to do with a damned grasshopper. The grasshopper, no fool he, is being perfectly still.

Finally the hopper made the ultimate mistake and opened his wings, trying to fly...

Georgia thought he was yummy.

But he's still young, so he didn't call the girls. He ran off under the roosts and gobbled it down. Though grasshoppers being very spikey, I could tell it kinda stuck going down...

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