Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Run Progress...

It's gettin' there! The door is on and all four sides are up.

All that is left is to secure the bottom wire to the ground to thwart any digging predators, attach it to the coop building and add roosts and a daytime shade cover. It should be ready for the chicks to move into in another day or two!

Although they don't seem to be in any real hurry. Linc started this weird 'lie on your side' thing and now she's got the rest of the chicks doing it.
Leave it to Linc to start a dumb new chicken fad...

Meanwhile, the back yard is actually starting to look better, the weeds, volunteer plants and years of trash & junk are getting cleared away. Plus the damned junipers are slowly getting tamed/removed, although we will for sure be renting a chainsaw soon to eliminate about 6 of them.

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