Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Quote Dad...

"If it moves salute it, if it don't, paint it." An old Navy adage.

So I've started painting the walls which will have the heavy furniture against them, so I won't have to move it again.

Since thanks to previous home tenants, I've really, really come to embrace Spackle before the paint can go on, I've had to patch, sand their previous patching attempts and wash the walls before I can paint them. The tub of spackle took one for the team when I knocked it off of the ladder--it made a swan dive to the floor, turned a neat 180 and was summarily executed, speared by the putty knife.

It was a catastrophic kill.

The kid got to make the first ceremonial start to her purple walls.

The paint at least goes on easily.

My bedroom, icky 50's eyeshadow Powder Blue being covered by a lovely light Sage Green.

The rest of the painting will be on hold till moving day is over and all the boxes are unpacked.

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