Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's Play, 'What The Hell Did I Pack?!'

Unpacking boxes you packed nearly 5 months previous can be fun! Play along and try to identify What The Hell That Thing Is!

Uhh...baseball bat?

Oh, Gallileo thermometer. Yeah, that woulda been my second guess.

A moment's panic as I tried to recall if we'd ordered pizza the day I packed this box.

Ah. Hello, fun Atomic Era clock!

More digging...

Of course, the important stuff got packed!

Club Flamingo lives!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moved In, Mostly...

So moving day has come and gone.

I ended up having to stratigically plan my painting and the priority became to paint where the heavy furniture would go FIRST, so we wouldn't have to move that shit again to paint behind it.  So most of the rooms have that lovely 'half done' look to them.

The living room started out like this:

Pretty quickly ALL the rooms filled with boxes. Kitchen/Dining room:

The kitchen is a right horror, and I'm planning to remodel it in a year or so. For now it'll get a coat of paint and new cabinet hardware.


Kid's room:

Yes, of course my garage is carpeted. Isn't yours?

Back to the living room. When my husband leaned on the wooden fireplace mantle it fell off, as did one of the folding closet doors in the kid's room. Added their repair to our 'To Do' list...

Here you get to admire the vintage metal blinds the house came with, reminiscent of a 1950's-era government Social Security office and all the warmth and charm THAT entails. The den sports them, too.

You know, the living room doesn't look all that ba--

AAGGHHH!!! Dear God in Heaven--! What Hell did all those boxes spawn from?!

Even the birds weren't happy, tucked into a corner of the dining room temporarily.

But by 4AM, I had the living room Great Wall of Boxes tamed. Dawn found the living room wall looking much better.

Next, to set the kitchen to rights, ha ha.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Quote Dad...

"If it moves salute it, if it don't, paint it." An old Navy adage.

So I've started painting the walls which will have the heavy furniture against them, so I won't have to move it again.

Since thanks to previous home tenants, I've really, really come to embrace Spackle before the paint can go on, I've had to patch, sand their previous patching attempts and wash the walls before I can paint them. The tub of spackle took one for the team when I knocked it off of the ladder--it made a swan dive to the floor, turned a neat 180 and was summarily executed, speared by the putty knife.

It was a catastrophic kill.

The kid got to make the first ceremonial start to her purple walls.

The paint at least goes on easily.

My bedroom, icky 50's eyeshadow Powder Blue being covered by a lovely light Sage Green.

The rest of the painting will be on hold till moving day is over and all the boxes are unpacked.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faces Of Death, Moving Style

Here is just ONE of my projects, this is what 16 gallons of interior paint looks like:

I like the way it appears to stretch out into infinity, damned stuff nearly has a vanishing point. Also, this does not include paint for either bathroom.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Are A Homeowner!


Our home purchase closed a few days ago. We were aiming for Friday the 13th, but it was ready before that so we went ahead. Since then we've been setting up utilities, cleaning, patching walls, scraping off the previous owner's half-assed gloppy paint mess...cleaning more...cleaning...

It's supposed to snow in the next day or so, so painting will be suspended and actual moving in of our stuff will become the prime job. Pictures will be forthcoming!

Fair warning: we promised the kid she could pick out the paint for her room (within reason). She's 12, so one guess as to what color she wanted!

And yes, we stood by our promise, dammit.