Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Things Defy Explanation...

...in a rational, sane universe, anyway.

Like the tile we saw in the kitchen of the last house we toured--I've formed the hypothesis that the previous owners lost a bar bet. What else could explain not only the color of this tile, but the wooden edging, complete with little buttons to knock loose, never to be seen again? Wood edging, on a kitchen counter?

It's like they skipped off to the hardware store and chirped, "We'd like to see the tile that looks like dried vomit, please!"

It doesn't get any better up close.

Nasty. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the 70's era was a time of cultural tastelessness throughout America. Despite the kitchen tile the rest of the home is lovely and we've made an offer on it. Luckily for me I both own a hammer and know how to lay tile.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    Oh. Oh. I thought when I first looked at the photos that the counter was simply dirty but now I see that the tile was designed to look that way. Ew. :(

    But just think of the cool tiles you could replace it with. You could even scatter in a few of those tiles that have flowers, hexagrams, or chickens painted into the glaze.

    I'm still sad that in the 1970s, some previous idiot/owner tore out the original kitchen in my 1950 prairie-style home and replaced it with cheap cabinets with tangerine orange counter tops. This same jackass also painted the downstairs bathroom (tile and walls) with red enamel paint as well as destroying the original design of lower staircase and entry doorway into the big living room. I shall always wonder what my home looked like when it was first built.

  2. From kochanneo on LJ:
    What my mother calls "Dirty Protest" tiles, they seem to be coming back into fashion too...