Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's A Perk!

We stopped by Gargantua (which seems to have become the official name for the giant gray house for now) yesterday to tour the back yard better and discuss the pros and cons of buying it.

While we were walking the yard I saw this...showing the pics we took to my daughter just now I told her, 'It even has a pool!' and brought up this pic:

Cue KidGlare and a muttered, 'That's not funny, mom.'

Yes it damned well was.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    Ahahaha! Your poor kid! :=D

    I read your Twitter posts about the Giant Gray House (I don't have a Twitter account so I shall comment here). Just think...your chickens could have their own bedroom and bathroom! And the chicken-themed weather vane and mailbox sound really cool.

    1. We took her with us today while house hunting, one place we stopped at had a tire swing hanging from a huge old apple tree. How cliche is THAT?

      The kid's eyes just about bugged out of her head when she saw it.

      Giant Gray House has been upstaged by the Lovely Pastoral House we saw today...lots of trees, quiet, full of birds, dragonflies and a few tiny frogs. Tomorrow we go back to see the inside, which ALSO sports a kitchen to die for.

      Hey, your art is awesome, BTW. :)