Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chickens Have An Adventure!

Today has been eventful, to say the least.

This morning as I was brushing N.'s hair for school, I heard a HUGE commotion the chickens were raising out in the yard--literally ALL of them were screaming. That could only mean one thing--a predator in the yard, attacking and/or eating one of them. Likely a hawk, and likely it was attacking one of the new chicks--they are the most vulnerable right now.

So out I run...just in time to see a gigantic dust-up in the middle of the yard, involving about ten of the adult birds, including 4 broody hens and all three roosters. There was a huge dust cloud, so thick I couldn't see through it, and battling chickens, all thrashing whatever they had in the middle.

Which at that moment burst free and took off outta there--a Sharpshin hawk. Jesus, they were curb-stomping a hawk!

Bear, her two daughters Voodoo and Moxie, Boots and Silver were so upset, they turned on each other and kept fighting. I had to wade in and seperate pissed off hens. The babies were sensibley stowed under a large bush, hunkering down and being quiet. I figured that the hawk had seen the three broodies out dustbathing, figured they were easy pickin's and dived on them. Or had landed thinking to walk in after the babies.

Big mistake.

I hope the hawk was OK and has learned his lesson after getting an ass whoopin' he'll never forget--DON'T mess with broody hens!

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