Monday, April 25, 2011

New Chick Pix!

OK, updated chick pics! They are 5 weeks old as of tomorrow. I'll post them oldest chick of that breed & color first. When I call a chick 'he' or 'she' it's purely a gut feeling, I have no proof which are boys or girls yet.

First off are the Giant Cochins, Pompadour, Duck & Weedcat. None of them wanted to stand up fully, so we have chicken puddle pictures...

And several shots of Weedcat, 'cause she's so fluffy!

Cute Weedcat curly butt feathers.


Next are the light Brahmas, the muscle and adventurers of the outfit.
Spaghetti (who had herself a little mishap this morning--details below--that almost cost her her life!), looking properly embarassed.

Roostroyer, the biggest of the light Brahmas and the most fully feathered of them.

Floofy Roostroyer feet




Master Yi

Master Yi again with HIS floofy feet

Buff Brahmas:
Rambo (first hatched, oldest of all the chicks)

Deputy Frost (really tall & big, not as many feathers as Rambo though)


Tiger (youngest of all the chicks, hatched last). Tan earholes on a dark head.

Peepsquire, the lone Birchen Marans to hatch. Not a very good pic of her cause she was kinda being a butt.

And Guardian (looking quite heroic), who is permanently camped in the kitchen. His beak is a bit overgrown because he hasn't gotten a whole lot of outdoor time to keep it worn down lately due to the crappy weather. Since he doesn't really stand up he can only go outside when the ground isn't wet.

Now, about Spaghetti: she has all along been the first to jump out of the box, she is always running around on the floor. While taking pics, I counted and came up one chick short, so we figured she was out bugging Guards or something...couldn't find her. Looked more carefully and finally found her wedged upside-down way down between the chick box and the wall, near the floor and really stuck. She didn't move or make any noise (usually when something like that happens they yell their heads off) and I thought she was dead. I took her out, she had pooped all over herself, poor baby. Set her upright and got her warm, cleaned her off. She couldn't stand or walk and kept falling over on her side. After a bit she started eating the chick food we offered her and sat with her eyes closed in my lap for about 20 minutes. After a while she was able to stand and weakly walk around but was prone to falling over. Eventually she seemed OK so I put her back in with the others but she's going to bear close watching the rest of the day!

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