Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'd been watching the weather forecast for this area all week, and today they are calling for a light snow. The kid is ecstatic, she's never actually BEEN in a snowfall before and is looking forward to catching snowflakes on her tongue.

This morning I get up and peek out the window and sure enough, there is a light dusting of white on the roofs and cars, with more coming down. I go out to wake up the kid. To my surprise, she is already awake and lying on the couch, calmy watching cartoons. I cock an eyebrow at her and tell her good morning.

"Good morning," she sighs. "It didn't snow."
I hesitate for a moment before I realize that she looked and thought she saw frost on everything outside.
"OK. Well, come here for a minute, I want to show you something." She scrapes herself off the couch and follows along dejectedly, her feet dragging.
I point out the back door at our normally dark-colored car, now covered in a nice blanket of snow. "What's that?"
She studies it for a moment, then I start to grin as I see realization dawn on her face.
I nod.
Away she flies! "Igottagetshoeson!"
I collar her before she actually runs outside in her PJs and tell her she has to get officially and fully dressed FIRST, which is done in record time. No school day morning EVER went this smoothly.

The car is decorated.

...and the morning included more snowballs.

The flowers were just starting to emerge, but this little bit of snow didn't do any harm to the lilacs or daffodils.

But, you DO have to watch out for carniverous snowmen.

By the way, that's a 1976 Bicentennial hat that I used to wear to school on snowy days in high school. My mom keeps things as long as they are useful, dammit.

The snow was only about 2 inches deep and lasted a few hours then melted away--just enough to play in, but not enough to block the roads. Perfect. I like to think of it as a parting gift from Grandpa.

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