Monday, February 28, 2011

It MUST Be Spring...

...'cause it's raining baby birds again!

This time it's a baby pigeon, not quite off his hocks (standing on his own) but pretty well feathered out. He'd fallen out of his nest which was way too high up to return him to. I'd say he's about three weeks old, maybe a wee bit less. Thankfully, old enough to be past that 'Dear God what IS IT?!' butt-ugly stage that baby pigeons go through. He's got feathered feet but otherwise looks to be shaping up to be the color of your basic Rock Dove-type pigeon.

He's awfully cute...

DH found him as darkness was falling outside the local laundromat at the strip mall, lying on the concrete. Too young to fly, and a 42 degree night coming on, and possibly injured since he refused to walk. His mom was stuffing him full of Chinese take-out but really, we doubted if he would have survived the night. So now we have a pigeon in the living room.

He's very calm, and once he thawed out & warmed up on a heating pad, seems perky enough, though he still may have injuries that we cannot see since he doesn't want to move around much. The kid is ecstatic, she's been bugging me for over a year for a pet pigeon.

Hopefully tomorrow morning he's still with us, and condescends to eat something besides Chinese food!

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