Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chickam Is Coming!

Time to go egg shopping!

This year we plan on hatching some of our own eggs, mostly from the Giant Cochin girls from last year's Chickam--Yoya and Sonic--plus eggs from Rugger the Salmon Faverolle, Sora, our White Leghorn and Gloria, our Brinkotter. If the Polish girls, Poof and Sugar, come into lay in time we'll also include them. Since Smokey, the Porcelain Belgian d'Uccle roo has been doing his roosterly duties along with Scott and Phoenix, who knows what we'll get!

I'm also going to get eggs online, I'd like to get more Giant Cochins and Salmon Faverolles as well as Brahmas and Quail Bantams.

If the weather cooperates and quits with this winter's ridiculous howling flooding rains, we'll place the cam out in the coop aimed at the nest boxes during daylight hours (Pacific Standard Time zone here) for a week or two so everyone can watch the hens lay eggs (and holler their heads off afterwards). Always entertaining!

We'll be aiming for early March as a hatch date, as usual the hatch will be broadcast on UStream just like last year, all the info is here: http://jackshenhouse.com/VSChickLinksChickam.htm

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