Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Kid Art!

Oh Lordy, the kid has been drawing again...

She has THE wildest imagination, and while her drawings aren't neat, they ARE fun. She whips them out in about 2 minutes--when I've asked her to slow down and draw more neatly, the results aren't nearly as good. So I decided to shut the Hell up and let her be her own artist.

So, for your enjoyment, here are a couple of her most recent 'books'--usually 5-6 pages drawn on front & back and stapled together.

The first features characters from her current favorite XBox360 game, 'Overlord II'. I'll translate/explain the action when necessary.

The Overlord is being chased by a mutated minion in the Wastelands, oh no!

He placates the angry mutant with a snack--another hapless minion. But with love!

Followed up with flowers! Awww...note the still-twitching minion hanging out of the mutant's mouth.

Another gift! And what does every mutated minion secretly desire? Why, a cobra in a box, of course! Applause from the half-eaten minion, even!

Afterwards the Overlord dons his...tuxedo and they go on a rampage through one of the towns...

...and end back at the Netherworld tower, where mutated minions happily play catch with the cobra, and Giblet pats his favorite minion on the head.

Yeah, I dunno, either. *L*

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