Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloweencam Is Here!

Hey, come watch us scare the crap outta people tonight!

It's that wonderful time of year again, time to make our neighbors soil their underwear and leave a trail of abandoned candy as they run away!

Here's what's happening: We have a (security) webcam streaming live, with sound, aimed at our front porch. The cam will show people walking up our driveway towards the front door. We've got a fog machine hidden on the porch, and just as soon as they knock and call 'Trick or Treat!' I push the button and let 'em have it with the fog machine. Lots of screaming and leaping about, then they laugh. I open the door and hand out candy. They figure they've had their scare and turn to leave. Well...no.

Because this is what they passed on the trip up the driveway:

As they turn to leave, and juuust take a step or two off the porch, HERE'S what they now see:

ONLY IT'S ARMS ARE EXTENDED OUT AND IT'S STOMPING STRAIGHT TOWARDS THEM! That's my husband, up on plasterer's stilts so that he's about 9-10 feet tall. Last year we had great fun, people screamed bloody murder and ran around like cockroaches when the garage light is turned on. For extra fun my daughter will be dressed up as a 'Weeping Angel' from Dr. Who and posing in the front yard graveyard to scare people. She loves that adults are terrified and creeped out by little dead kids that run at them making chittering sounds.

Please join us in taking pleasure from other people's terror! We are in Los Angeles, California, so the cam will start when it gets dark here, around 6PM Pacific Standard Time. We get most of our people from about 7:00-9:30PM (PST). We are about three hours behind Eastern Time, so make allowances for the time difference--6PM here is 9PM in New York. We'll be testing the cam here and there before then, but things won't really start until it's dark here. Here's the link to the cam, we're using the same URL as we do for Chickam (again, it isn't up & running yet):


We've had great fun doing this in years past and have been doing it for about 4 years now.

If you want to see a great scare from last year, check out this YouTube video that a friend was kind enough to record for us last year. The best part is the first 3 1/2 minutes or so--BUT BE WARNED, watch the volume on your speakers, those girls scream LOUD. The zombie child running around is our daughter.


My husband has bad knees and is in a LOT of pain this year, so he may forgo the stilts, he'll decide later on which it'll be.

Happy Halloween!

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