Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Damn stupid knee pain for keeping me up all night again tonight...

Well, the wonderfully tacky 1971 felt & sequin calender is done! Now to bring down the property value of the house and hang it on the wall...

Next project is to spiffy up the plain heavy canvas reusable shopping bags I got--rumor has it that the next thing our state will outlaw is paper and plastic grocery bags. They're trying to get people to bring their own bags to the store and use them, and phase out those damned plastic bags, something I heartily endorse. Towards that end I got some vintage-y iron-on transfers to put on my canvas bags. It's called, 'A Chicken's Romance' and is hopelessly cute.

I got them off ebay, the only hitch being that one--the 'Cute Catch' sheet--is missing. But I'm sure the seller will make good on it. The seller has a cool thing going where she takes old designs and reprints them. I figure 'A Chicken's Romance' is from the 40's.

The kid is showing an interest in needle arts and knitting/crocheting, so I'm going to try and set an example by doing. Figured for her I'll give her some really simple and fast flowers and things like that to embroider so she doesn't feel overwhelmed and lose interest.

She's really hot on trying knitting, but I don't know if she'd have the patience of dexterity for it quite yet...I may see if I can nudge her towards crochet for now.


  1. From my sister:
    You'd be surprised what children can knit. Heck, kids half N's age used to have to knit socks for their entire families. It's still taught in the lower levels of elementary schools in Scandinavia.

    Obviously you know N best and what she's ready to do. You might want to consider starting her on a hat in the round. Much faster than a scarf for instant gratification and it's good practise for doing the knit stitch over and over.

    Maybe I can take her shopping for some needles and yarn when I get back from this round of tour and our vacation. (Why yes, I am a knitting enabler)

    1. Haha...that reminds me, I have a whole mess o' vintage knitting needles to give you, about 5-6 pairs in various sizes, in pretty fair condition (no snaggy damage to them).

      I like the hat idea! We don't really have a yarn store around anymore (I don't count Michael's) since the one in Downey closed up--it was a breathtaking wonderland of yard though, floor to ceiling, row after row. Kinda like Acres of Books if you ever went there.

      I like N. to try new things...sometimes she surprises me with what she is able to do. We're hoping the next year will see an improvement for her in several ways, she's FINALLY going to be getting the specialized help she needs in school. We've been fighting an uphill battle for it since she was in Kindergarten--she's just Autistic enough to require help, not bad enough to be a kid with a screaming, disruptive, immediate need. :( The education cutbacks didn't help, either.

      Things that require either big motor skills like playing ball or really fine motor skills like handwriting are a real challenge for her, so I like to keep trying new ways for her to practice them.