Friday, July 16, 2010

1972 Is Done & Hot, Hot, Hot...

The tacky 1972 calender is DONE!

And it's just as obnoxious and bright as it has every right to be, it's glorious.

The 3D effect of the stuffed fruit really makes it pop.

Stupid heat wave. Right now I've got 5 chickens inside who weren't taking the heat well at all. The rest are making do with the sprinkler running all day, sitting in the cool mud under the bushes. Our oldest hen, Chicken Sister, may not make it--she's an old, old lady and her time is nearing, I think. She's been sitting under J.'s desk all day.

This is my spiffy electronic indoor/outdoor thermometer that J. got me for Christmas. Today it's reading some numbers I'd rather not see...at just before 4PM, AFTER the hottest part of the day, it's 105 degrees. That's DOWN from what it was, 106.5. Not much better inside, where it's bearing out what J. always says--the best you can hope for is a 20 degree split: it's 87 degrees in here.

The humidity, not to be outdone, SUCKS as well--29% outside, 38% inside. This morning it was raining nice, hot rain. Gross. This is California, and we're not set up for that. Earthquakes yes, sticky disgusting humidity no.

I love the little man in his swim trunks. He ought to be screaming and melting.

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