Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Experiment

I got one of those upside-down tomato planters last year, so I finally hung it up over the weekend, along with another I picked up for strawberries.

The tomato planter has two varieties in it, 'Early Girl' and 'Better Boy', one of each. The strawberry has 15 plants, about half a 'Seascape' and the rest 'Chandler'. It'll be interesting to see if they work. They went on the front porch rather than the back yard, because I didn't want to create a veritible chicken pinata with the things. If there is food, chickens WILL find a way to get to it.

Also, recently I was at my daughter's elementary school and discovered the school piano, which is one of the most no-nonsense, battle-scarred things I've seen in a LONG time.
Damned thing's built like a truck. Big chunks of the finish have literally been peeled away, and yellow duct tape applied. I think the padlock over the keyboard is my favorite part!

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