Friday, April 16, 2010

Is That A Chicken In Your Pocket, Or...

The people doing the Spring pictures at school today have made a fatal mistake: they said that the kids may pose with a 'prop' if they want to. Specifically the paperwork chirped cheerfully, 'Bring your own props!'

Oh, dear. Unfortunately for them, they do not make any exclusions.

My Inner Smart Ass ran rampant. Hmmm...what'll it be...bloodstained ax? Voodoo or Satanic-looking paraphenalia? The mind boggled.

Also: they did not rule out 'alive'.

So hey, live chicken it is! Now...which one?

Smuggling a live chicken into an elementary school without causing a complete uproar and generalized chaos is problematic at best.  Even as an adult I have no desire to be sent to the principal's office.  So that ruled the larger, more rambunctios girls and roos out.

Millie the bantam Belgian d'Uccle hen, however, is perfect.

Plus she fits nicely into a tote bag.

They were bringing the kids in by classrooms.  Most of the 'props' the kids brought were things like basketballs, etc.

Strangely enough, no one else had a live chicken.  Dammit, my kid did!

Everyone loved Millie, who behaved herself beautifully.  One of the kid's friends wanted to jump in this shot, too.

After the kids had a chance to visit with Millie I split, not wanted to piss off the photographers and screw up their schedule.

Mission accomplished!

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