Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This gets funnier when I imagine that it is how my daughter's 5th grade teacher spends his day, trying to get the students to answer his questions:


My kid's teacher would actually leap at the chance to dress up like this and teach. It would probably work, too!

The next is my daughter's math book--
Remember that this school textbook was written by someone(s), reviewed and approved by MORE someones, and finally is today being used in the classroom.

I kept looking at this, re-reading it, thinking it MUST be some kind of 'New Math' change in terminology, a trick question, ANYTHING other than a basic Geometery FAIL. But no, they are calling a cube a rectangular prism. My fingers itch to correct things like this in books, but that feeling is overpowered by my basic tenant not to write in books.

Even funnier because it bears the heading 'Do You Know HOW?' like it's a plea for help, because THEY obviously DON'T.

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