Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Here!

The flowers, trees and other plants in my yard have decided that Spring is here. They have not consulted with Geraldine the tortoise, who still dreams on in my pantry. I think they're early and being most rash.

The chickens are of the same opinion, and are right properly twitterpated, chasing and cackling and having mad, drama-laden Spring romances. Also the local sparrows have started making what we call Sparrow Balls--a chittering, flying, ANGRY clump of feathers comprised of one female and at least two to four would-be suitors. They have absolutely no regard for humans and will happily fly up your nose or whack you upside the head. A Sparrow Ball can be entertaining though, as the female does her level best to KILL the uppity fellows chasing her.

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