Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"...Bug pecked me on the mouth." (Bug being her favorite chicken)


"Ok, let me see." She offers me her upturned face. I see nothing. "Where did she peck you?" I ask her.
"On my mouth."
"Ok, but where?
In answer, she opens her mouth.
I'm stunned. "IN your mouth?!"
She nods.
*sigh again* "Point to where she got you." I figure it's going to be a tooth, something in the front. I still can't see anything.
She points WAY inside her mouth, up behind her upper teeth, to her hard palate!
There is a *tiny* amount of blood, but nothing major. OK, I tell her, go wash out your mouth really well.
"How did she manage to peck you way up THERE?" I ask as she goes trotting off.
"I dunno!" She tosses back over her shoulder.
Uh-huh...'I dunno.'  Suuure.  "Don't put her head in your mouth again, next time it may be something you'll miss!" I call after her.

Ah, suburban thrills.

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  1. From my brother:
    I'm somehow reminded of a Python sketch and a quote about "some fella by the name of Kierkegaard who just stood around bitin' the 'eads off whippets..."