Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mission San Diego de Alcala--The Lego Version!

So here is N.'s big California mission project, which she decided to build entirely of LEGOs.

The front and one side. The pigs have gotten into the garden, again!

The back & side, showing the courtyard...

Close up of the courtyard...

This was a fun project--with the added bonus of being able to take it apart and have LEGOs to play with afterward.

Originally she wanted to place dinosaurs, robots and skeletons amongst the peaceful mission folk and their animals. But I told her that for school it has to be authentic--but once we bring it home, she can engage in all the dino-robo-skeletor epic mission-demolishing battles she wants.


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    1. Thanks! She had a lot of fun making it, and the amount of creativity and wide range of unexpected materials from the kids in her class with THEIR models was amazing.