Monday, March 2, 2009

Annnnnd...They're Off!

Twenty-one days and counting till Chickam2009!

Here are this years' 50 contenders for 'Who Will Hatch First'!

The blue thing is a Water Weasel, which holds the probe for the digital thermometer--it acts as an artificial egg and is a way for us to gauge the temp INSIDE the eggs, which makes for a much more accurate reading. The thing with the digital readout on the right is a hygrometer, which measures humidity--it has to be at a certain levels at various times during the hatch. It has a thermometer, too, but it isn't as accurate as the digital one with the probe. The eggs are numbered so that you can cheer on your favorite!

The eggs are due to hatch on March 23rd, but Chickam will start the day before, on March 22nd in order to catch any early hatches. You can see and hear it live soon here--two spots in case one or the other goes down:

No chat, kid-safe:

With moderated chat but we advise adult supervision since we can't control what other people say, but we will be answering questions here:

How do hens manage this without all these gadgets?!

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