Saturday, May 24, 2008

NOW HATCHING! Chickam2008 Is A Go!

Yeah, baby! This time we have success! One egg, #9 (I numbered
them this time) is already peeping madly and has pipped, 6 hours ahead
of the estimated time of 8PM (PST).

After the last crushing disappointment, we didn't want the same thing
to happen again. So we waited until one of the little buggers
actually started to HATCH before starting this thread. Y'all are
guaranteed at least one cute fuzzy chick. :)

We ran the new incubator and old side-by-side once we got a new
thermometer for the old one.

The 42 numbered eggs for Chickam are in the new
incubator, and 18 non-numbered test eggs are in the old
incubator, just for us so we can see if it works.

We'll keep the cam on the pipping #9 egg for now, and we'll move it
around as needed once more pipping and hatching begins. Once the
hatch is done, we'll move the cam to the brooder box, so you
can enjoy the frenzied running about that IS baby chicks in action:
Hilarity in the form of little fuzzballs. As a bonus, we'll toss 'em
some live mealworms or crickets from time to time, so you can place
your bets for Chicken Football (fun for you, not so much so for the
bug; but oh, well).

We've changed Chickam2008 to the Yahoo site, the new URL is below.

Unfortunately, the pip on #9 is facing AWAY from the camera, and we
cannot open the incubator to move the egg (it's a non-no during the
beginning of the hatch), so you'll have to trust us on this. Also,
sorry--no sound, we tested it and the ambient room noise (and cawing
from Nadine the crow and peeping from Jake the sparrow) overpowers any
peeps from the incubators. But once we place the cam in the brooder
box with the dry chicks, we'll try it then.

So place your bets, there are 42 eggs total in the Chickam
incubator! Or, if you like to root for the underdog, go for the eggs
in the old incubator. And remember--the first egg to pip isn't
always the first one to hatch! :)


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  2. From my sister:
    Wow, there are a lot of people watching Chickencam!

  3. From my brother:
    Chickencam watchers are scaring me!

    The guy in the horns is cool, tho'

    1. Bleah, a whole LOAD of a-holes dropped in like they were freakin' parachuted in there. So many that they kacked the cam and we had to disable chat in order to get it going again. J. couldn't boot them fast enough, so we left the chat disabled. Sorry about that. :( It was a shame, too, we had lots of kids in there. Jeana even dropped in.

      We ended up with only 3 eggs hatching, even WITH the new incubator! None from the old one at all. It's frustrating. I know our eggs are good, and fertile (cracked some fresh ones open again tonight to check), so I'm calling the manufacturer tomorrow to talk to them about it.

      We're doing SOMETHING wrong.

      We will probably try again, with another hatch due June 20-21st.