Monday, June 21, 2004

Circuit Boards, Spoiling The Child And A Permafrost Behind

I've decided to spoil my child. Thoroughly and completely.

Not in that horrible, out-in-public-screaming-because-she-didn't-g
et-her-way spoiled...just...kinda indulged. If she suddenly suggests stopping the ice cream truck, so be it. If she wants to go outside and dig in the dirt, where's the harm in that? I plan on keeping her out of school now and then to go to the beach and toss stale bread to the seagulls. My dad used to do this for us once in a while and it's one of my best childhood memories. She's the only child I'm ever going to have, and I want her childhood done right. The one thing I draw the line at is TV and electronic games, both of which suck IQ points away in my opinion.

Yesterday, for example, we decided to go to Disneyland for the evening. We got there at 7PM and kept the kid up WAY past her normal bedtime. Normal bedtime be damned where Disneyland, fireworks and the Electrical Parade are concerned. Every kid should be taken to Disneyland at least once in their lives, stopped by their parents at the front entrance and asked, "What shall we do first?" And then do it, by God.

Her first idea was to go on Grizzly River Run in California Adventure. We had been on it twice before and enjoyed it, and the kid loudly stated, "It's my favorite!" Of course it is, until you mention Star Tours...Roger Rabbit...etc. You get the picture.

However, this was the first time for one unknown feature of this ride. The line was nonexistant and we three had a raft to ourselves, which had us grinning. We whined and laughed at each other for getting splashed.

Until the end.

Until the geyser.

Hey, did you know that every so often the picturesque fake geyser at the end of the ride is turned onto some poor dumb smucks in a raft? And that it is roughly akin to standing in the way of a fire house turned on full blast for about 5 or 6 seconds? To say we got wet is like saying the Mohave desert is a tad warm. Even though my motherly insticts clicked in and I threw myself over my child to shield her from the worst, we were all thoroughly drenched. All we could do was stare at each other and spit water.

Yeah, great idea kid.

Now that we were wet, we decided to share it and see some of the shows. We sat through the Bug's Life stage show (cute, and to my kid's credit did not scare her), the Muppet 3D show, also cute and featured a live chicken!

Next it was over to Disneyland proper for the fireworks. I haven't seen them in years and they have changed a bit, fewer colors but more "ooh-ahh" value. Still very cool and the kid loved it. At the end of the show we were right in front of "It's a Small World" anyway, so on it we went.

Forgetting for a moment how soaked we were.  'It's A Small World' is one of the coldest rides in the park, chilled to approximately 30 degrees.  And it's a leisurely 20 minutes long.

OK, at the end of it my behind is beginning to resemble permafrost. I am beginning to doubt if I will EVER dry out and/or warm up, but at least I had a dry sweatshirt squirreled away for the kid so she is OK. Next we toddle over to the River and grab one of the last primo spots for Fantasmic, another show my kid hasn't been awake late enough to catch yet. Again, to her credit she covers her ears (it's REALLY loud) but gamely enjoys the show. The little girl whom we did not know but invited to stand beside my daughter during the show to watch, lost her nerve halfway through it and scooted back to her dad.

After this it's time to go. 11PM and the kid is claiming NOT to be tired. Yeah, OK. Well, we ARE so it's still time to go, besides which they are closing the park and smilingly but firmly booting everyone the Hell out.

Get everyone home and thaw out first the child and then myself with a warm shower and jammies, and into bed. For a bedtime snack I've gotten a glass of milk and pilfered one of the kids' fruit rollups.

These particular ones feature a 'tongue tattoo'--designs like stars, wavy lines, hearts, etc. printed over the fruit leather in green food color. Lay it on your tongue and it transfers. I unroll this one to find...

A circuit board.


Yeah. OK. I lie there, my tired brain trying to discover what the Hell a kid would find 'fun' about a circuit board. My brother-in-law the sound engineer might find it mildly entertaining, but a kid?

Never mind.

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