Saturday, August 27, 2016


So this...this thing came in the weekly pile of junk mail.

Now, I know that logically, they send this pile of junk mail out to everyone.  We're not being targeted here.

But still, I'm *just* old enough that the thing made me yelp out loud, 'Oh, fuck you!' in such a wounded tone that the kid instantly asked what's up.  Had to explain what the word 'spry' meant and how it applied to people much older than her parents.  MUCH.  I wouldn't even apply that term to my mother, who's got 30 years on me.  When I'm 100 years old and still gettin' around, then you can use *that word* for me.  Besides, who in the last two centuries has used the word 'spry'?

Then I had to step over my kid as she convulsed with laughter on the floor and go show this insulting rag to her father, who had pretty much the identical reaction that I had, accompanied by outraged snorts and an immediate online hunt for the publisher, presumably to soon suffer some fitting, dark Machiavellian revenge.

After that we hunted down the matches and gave the thing a Viking funeral.  I mean, it was asking for it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Plot Thickens...

So it seems that someone has added their own comment to The Forbidden Sign Zone...

The new one reads, 'Satire' in fun & funky font.

I think that if it stops here the town will good-naturedly leave it be...but knowing people I'm willing to bet that soon they'll be unable to resist and will go on a 'funny sign free-for-all'.

And no, it wasn't me!

Monday, June 13, 2016

This Is How We Do It...

In our little town, people used to be responsible and put up signs in certain areas for community events like Kiwanis BBQs, Veteran's Fundraisers, Craft Shows, FFA Horse Shows, etc.--along with your basic yard sale signs.

Everyone was respectful and didn't abuse the privilege, and signs were cleaned up when the event was over.

Then the 'I Pay Cash For Houses' 'Make Money At Home' and 'I Wrestle Alligators For Your Next Party' (OK, maybe not that one) guys showed up and so littered the town with crappy, obnoxious signage that they had to pass an ordinance outlawing signs.

They even put up a sign saying so, and there it dwelt in solitary splendor for months...

Until today:

Yup, this is how we do irony up here...whoever did this, you are our hero.  The thing is even custom-crafted from wood and a lot of care went into it.  We'd discussed doing exactly this as soon as the yellow sign went up, just hadn't done it yet.

Bless you, we salute you mystery smartass!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chick Pics!

Here is our 2016 hatch, a total of 8 chicks!
We started out with 18 eggs in the incubator, after 10 days I candled them and removed any duds, that left 12 eggs.  All of the eggs were from our own flock, we decided against getting any mail order eggs this year.

So in order of hatch, here they are oldest to youngest--if I know or have a guess at mom or dad, or who might be sisters based on similar egg type/color, I'll put it down here!  Tiny wing feathers are already starting to appear!

Milton, first to hatch from a little banty egg, a tiny Belgian d'Uccle/bantam Cochin mix--her mother is Wiggles, our gray mottled d'Uccle and her daddy is Mushroom, our bantam Cochin roo.

Bowie, from a small, light green egg, her mother is Toaster, a bantam Cochin/Americauna mix and daddy is most likely Mushroom.

Bowie caught in mid-headscratch

Marshmallow, a fairly large chick with a green spot, from a large, dark brown egg--mama is possibly one of our light Brahma mix hens, probably has Cam for a dad.

Kotori, similarly colored to but smaller than Marshmallow, from a small, dark green egg.

Alecto, from a large, dark brown egg, possibly has Linc, Alice (both Barred Rocks) or Snakefast (Barred Rock mix) as a mama, Cam as daddy.

Lenore, a dainty little chick from a small, dark green egg, possibly sister to Kotori, may have Pie as a mom and Mushroom for dad.

'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...'

Fiver, from a small, light green egg, is possibly a sister to Bowie (which is why Fiver has a blue spot on her back) with Toaster-mom and Mushroom-dad.  Here, Fiver demonstrates typical Cochin 'Block-O-Chicken' cubelike dimensions. 

Peepers, aka 'Meatwad', last to hatch and the biggest chick, from a large, light brown egg.  She likely has either Rambo or Pie for a mom and Cam, our Americaunas/Giant Cochin mix roo for dad.

And lastly...

'Here at Club Flamingo, we offer a full service Corn Bar, complete with comfy, warm fluffybutt to keep your lazy ass cozy while you hork down that corn!'

...that is, until Bowie emerges and stands on your food.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It Has Begun!

The hatch has started, Chickam has begun!  Watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chickam2008

9 eggs pipped so far, one chick has started to unzip!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hey, You're Early!

So I got home this afternoon from a trip and went to check on the eggs in the incubator...no sweat, we have three days to go, the eggs just went into lockdown this morning, all is well...

Then I saw it.

Two tiny eggshell shards in the bottom of the incubator.  From egg #16.

Switch on the two dollar cuss words!  And wouldn't you know it, the egg that is pipping ridiculously early is a bantam egg (let's all try and act surprised), the one laid by Toaster, a bantam Cochin hen who hatched last year.

And just to make things interesting, the chicks is pipping at the wrong end of the egg!

What a stinker.  Now I get to sit up and worry tonight.

And, I hear you ask, is the brooder box ready...?

OF COURSE NOT.  I had planned to build the thing this afternoon because I still had THREE FREAKIN' DAYS UNTIL HATCH.  Lots of time!

So I sat and whacked together a brooder box in short order.  Not my prettiest job, but hey, it's done ahead of the chick hatching!

Meanwhile, here's what well-behaved chicks who are rocking in their eggs and peeping sweetly look like.

Now we wait to see what happens...if more eggs begin to pip early, we'll move Yoya in tonight and slip some eggs under her.  If not, we'll stick with the original plan and bring Yo in tomorrow night!

So the start of Chickam is kinda up in the air while Mother Nature has her little joke.  When eggs begin unzipping, we'll start the cam!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On The Road Again...

Time for another trip down highway 395 through the Owens Valley!

Today it was hideously windy, which meant blowing whiteout snow by Mammoth and dust everywhere else, overturned semis and the road getting closed *right* behind me.  It was weird driving for more than 100 miles and not seeing another vehicle.

But I scooted through and made it, had a nice visit with my mom.  The next day when I headed back things were considerably quieter, although the fun billboard for Wave Rave, made entirely of old snowboards, had snapped off in the wind and made the uprights into toothpicks.

And Big Pine is apparently going to be Ground Zero for the Zombie Apocalypse, according to the warning on this billboard.

I enjoy the Banksy-type artwork, but not when it's painted on the cool old abandoned buildings that dot the area.  Sadly a lot of the old buildings are being lost to this and other destructive things people are doing.

But on a happier note, the Give & Take Sculpture Garden in Olancha has a new figure!
The pink belt buckle on his polka-dot shorts says 'EGO'.

In his hands he's clutching some flowers torn out by the roots, a VERY unhappy squirrel, some solar panels (I think) and a dollar sign.

And even if he is eating daintily with one pinky finger extended, Ol' Ego isn't exactly a friend to animals there, as hapless screaming squirrel can attest.