Friday, June 16, 2017

The Chicks Are Two Months Old!

It's time to kick them out into the yard, so here are the final pictures of the chicks!

 In order of hatch, Popcorn is first!
She decided to pose looking like she was modeling 'Action Slacks' from the 1972 Montgomery Wards catalog for some reason.

Then just zoned out.

But hey, she's got cute face fluffies!

Next is TaterTot, who, if you remember, hatched out as a black chick.

She's the most dramatic color-change chick we've ever hatched.

More cute face fluffies...

A close-up of Tater's tail, she's got gorgeous colors.

Next is Banjo, the only rooster hatched this year!  As far as we know that is...

Majestic rooboy. He's started *very* quietly crowing along with the roos in the early morning.

Here he is being the Leaning Tower of Chicken.

Strychnine, who is growing into a very sweet Giant Cochin mix girl, she LOVES to be held & petted.

She has lovely breast & cape feathering.

...and of course a cute lil' chicken face.

Last of our hatched chicks is Groot!

...and her GIANT yellow legs and feet.

Groot's Dark India Cornish feathers are coming in, lovely coppery-brown/bronze colors with an iridescent sheen.

Next are the chicks we purchased at our local feed store! The first two are about a week older than our hatched chicks.
Olivia the Australorp, who thought it'd be funny to cock her head to the side in *every* picture I took...

Dottie, the Silver Laced Wyandotte.  She is growing into a beautiful girl.

The last two are the same age as our hatched babies.
Star, the Red Star.  Her little stars are just starting to come in.  For some reason she was entranced with the ceiling.  Possibly she hoped it contained a cheeseburger.

Sadly, no cheeseburger from the ceiling.  This time.

However, if you've got a minute she'd love to sell you some wonderful aluminum siding.

Last is Bodie the Golden Sex Link!

Bodie is another chick with enormous feet.

And she is *not* amused at being teased about them, thank you.

So there is the Terrible 9, who after several days of spending their days in the small run to get everyone used to each other, have integrated smoothly into the flock!  Unfortunately for them just in time for 100+ degree weather, but hey...ya can't have everything.

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