Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lilacs! I Have Lilacs!

Well shoot.  Might not be a big deal to anybody but me...

But *I'm* excited, because the lilacs that are blooming and growing were tiny starts that I bulldogged out of my mom's yard last year, transported home in 100 degree heat and planted as wilted, shriveled twigs in my yard last summer.  They did NOT take kindly to being transplanted and I really didn't think they'd survive our extra-long and harsh winter this year...

But dang, not only did they make it, they are thriving and one of them is blooming!

Extra impressive because the entire plant is only about a foot high!

I've got this one planted outside my bedroom window, when I looked out the window and noticed the flowers I actually squealed, "I'VE GOT LILACS!"

My husband just kinda looked at me, like, 'You know that's treatable, right?'

Oh well.  Heck, I'm excited.  There is one more plant out in the part of the property that will someday house my raised-bed vegetable/flower garden (hopefully it'll attract pollinators to the garden) but no blooms on it so far.  I'm just happy it lived!

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