Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chick Pics So Far...

This afternoon we moved Popcorn and Tater Tot to the brooder box, where they are happily snuggled with their surrogate ocotomom and nibbling away at food.

'Popcorn' cute face...

Grumpy Popcorn...

And 'Tater Tot Hotdish'

Another egg, #25, pipped a few hours ago and is progressing nicely!

And today, the 14th, here she is! Meet 'Banjo'!

Banjo's foot feathers are truly epic.

'Strychnine' has been moved to the brooder box to join her siblings.

Group shots of the four we have so far...top to bottom, counterclockwise: Banjo, Popcorn, Strychnine and Tater Tot.

They luv snuggling their octomom!  And each other...

Lastly, one Dark Cornish egg hatched, #5.  This is 'Groot'!

Groot has lovely, interesting markings on her back...

No more eggs have pipped, and none of them are rocking or peeping...so we may be done at 5 chicks.  The rest of the eggs will be left in the incubator for several days to make sure.

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