Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Is In The Air!

OK--so actually, technically Spring is in the ground.  Hey, whatever, the bulbs I dug last year from my mother's house and transplanted into my front yard--daffodils, lovely bright red tulips and delicate little muscaris--survived both my brutalist guerilla gardening and the winter and are starting to make flowers!  I planted them in an area where there are already bearded iris creeping over from the neighbor's yard, so over the years they can go nuts and fill in the space, I'm not worried about them spreading.  As a matter of fact I think I'm days away from my neighbor knocking on the door asking for some bulbs!

I already have hollyhocks, California poppies and dwarf snapdragons from my mother's house that I started from seed practically the first week we moved in 5 years ago (first things first, after all!), they come up beautifully every year.  The lilac starts I got from her yard last year are starting to bud out, so it's good to know that they made it, too!  Now if they'll just flower...

The tulips are still tight buds but should progress in a few days, so no pics of them yet--but the muscaris are getting a great start!

The mini daffodils, again, give 'em a few more days...

But hey, I officially have my first flower! 

 Every time I look at the flowers I got from my mom's house it gives me a wonderful, warm feeling; I'll always think of her when I see them...

Our weather is still giving us at or below freezing nights, but at least for the next few days our daytime temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 60's--best part, no damned wind

A chance for flowers to actually stay on the plants, yay!


  1. Pretty flowers! I enjoy watching everything in my yard turn green and bloom again, too.

  2. Thanks! Best part was, the three day storm that followed didn't destroy them! Tough daffodils...