Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter On Highway 395

Driving highway 395 from northern Nevada to southern California is always interesting, even more so in winter when on average the snow is about 6 or 8 feet deep for several months.  Makes for a challenging drive.

The way the snowplows have artfully and skillfully carved around the snowpoles and signs...

Sometimes the snowplow drivers have been smartasses though.
Oh...did you want to make a call at one of the last surviving, and the only payphone booth in several hundred miles...?  Just to be extra dickish, this particular pay phone is also a Geocache.

In Lee Vining the icicle crop is  just grand, thank you.

And at the bottom of Conway Summit, some crazed skiers have been trying to die by skiing a sheer rock field that terminates ON the highway. Not just a few times, either, as you can tell by the tracks.  These folks made a day of it.

At the top is 395, which curves and drops a few thousand feet in very short order.

At the bottom is the highway again, very suddenly.
The rocks sticking out are just a warning--this area is solid loose rocks the size of your head and fist.  Don't know why someone would risk good skis by skiing here, it's damned dangerous in about 9 different ways.

At any rate, driving 395 in winter is a real maybe/maybe not kinda thing, depending on the weather and your nerves.

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