Friday, January 20, 2017

Why My Poultry Hates Me

...in a word, snow.  And lots of it, at least for our area.

The snow started at dawn--giant, fluffy chunks of it.  After two hours we had 4 1/2 inches down.  It's the type that sticks to everything and looks *so* pretty!

The back yard, the walkway has disappeared...

...and the coop looks like Superman's freakin' Fortress of Solitude.

But Hell, the dog is loving the snow!

She snowplowed around in it for a bit.

Back to the chickens, it's time to let them out of the coop where they've spent a snug night.  Since they've been closed up for the night, they don't know about the snow yet...

I have a feeling they aren't going to be too happy.

But yeah--very pretty!  The Curly Willow tree looking cool in the snow...

...all 4 1/2 inches of it.  Bantam Cochins, beware.

The Poultry Ice Palace. Reminds me of scenes from Dr. Zhivago.

OK, first to open the door to the run...


OK, now the snow piling up on every little thing is getting kinda ridiculous.

BUT--anticipating poultry unhappiness (and subsequent blaming of the humans for yet another snowstorm), I had come prepared--with cabbage!  Food bribes work wonders in poultryland.

After I opened the coop (and endured the whining/grumbling/hairyeyeball from 30+ chickens), I tried to get someone--anyone--to come out into the snow for a moment for some yummy, yummy cabbage.  I placed a lovely chunk of cabbage *just* outside the run door.

Bowie spots it and thinks about venturing out, Pele watching from behind.  I guess if Bowie disappears, that lets Pele know that the snow is too deep.  Although to be fair, using bantam Cochins as snow yardsticks isn't the best idea.

Bowie thinks about it, and decides...

...NOPE.  Screw you *and* your cabbage, bowby human.
Pele refused to come out, either.  No one else was even remotely interested and they all just shot me disdainful, hate-you-Chaka looks, so the cabbage was redistributed and passed out in the relative muddy comfort of the run & coop.

Luckily we thought ahead (and watched the weather forecast), and went to the store yesterday for chicken goodies to keep them occupied for the weekend.

Because *this* storm is just the precursor to the BIG one tomorrow!

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